IEEE Standards MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn ieee standards MCQs, computer networks MCQ online for test prep. Wired lans ethernet quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), ieee standards quiz questions and answers as protocol data unit (pdu) is similar to, answer key help with choices as llc, hdlc, mac and dsap problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is to practice ieee standards quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on IEEE Standards Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Protocol Data Unit (PDU) is similar to

  1. LLC
  2. HDLC
  3. MAC
  4. DSAP


MCQ. The Computer Society of the IEEE started a project named project 802 in

  1. 1970
  2. 1975
  3. 1980
  4. 1985


MCQ. The term that is used to set standards to enable intercommunication among equipment from a variety of manufacturers is called

  1. Project 802
  2. Project 8802
  3. Project 2088
  4. Project 208


MCQ. IEEE Standard was adopted by the

  1. ISO
  2. ANSI
  3. OSI
  4. None of the above


MCQ. In IEEE Project 802, the Logic Link Control (LLC) is used to control and handle the

  1. errors
  2. flow
  3. frames
  4. all of the above