Data Bandwidth MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn data bandwidth MCQs, computer networks MCQ test for online learning. Data transmission telephone and cable networks quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), data bandwidth quiz questions and answers to practice as coaxial cable has a bandwidth that ranges from, answer key help with choices as 5- 750mhz, 10-300 mhz, 5-550 mhz and 10-3000mhz problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is for online learning data bandwidth quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Data Bandwidth Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. The coaxial cable has a bandwidth that ranges from

  1. 5- 750MHz
  2. 10-300 MHz
  3. 5-550 MHz
  4. 10-3000MHz


MCQ. In real life, most digital signals have bandwidth

  1. infinite
  2. Zero
  3. Constant
  4. None of the Above


MCQ. The effective bandwidth of a telephone line being used for data transmission is

  1. 30 Hz
  2. 300Hz
  3. 600Hz
  4. 2400Hz


MCQ. The bandwidth of a composite signal is the difference between the highest and

  1. zero frequency
  2. lowest frequencies
  3. two Parallel frequencies
  4. None of Above


MCQ. The minimum bandwidth of Manchester and differential Manchester is

  1. 2 times that of NRZ
  2. 2 times that of NRZ-L
  3. 2 times that of NRZ-I
  4. 2 times that of RZ