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Learn bridges MCQs, online computer networks MCQ for test prep. Connecting lans, backbone networks and virtual lans quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), bridges quiz questions and answers as bridge must discard any frames too large for its, answer key help with choices as medium, connection, frame format and system problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is to practice bridges quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Bridges Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Bridge must discard any frames too large for its

  1. Medium
  2. Connection
  3. frame format
  4. System


MCQ. In transparent bridges, redundancy of bridges can create loops in system which is very

  1. Desirable
  2. Undesirable
  3. Rare
  4. Easy to unloop


MCQ. Bridges are also repeaters and

  1. Regenerator
  2. Preprocessor
  3. Amplifier
  4. All of above


MCQ. A transparent bridge's duties include

  1. filtering frames
  2. forwarding
  3. blocking
  4. All of them


MCQ. Bridge can operate on both layers those are

  1. physical and data link layer
  2. physical and sessional layer
  3. application and data link layer
  4. physical and presentation layer