Asymmetric Key Cryptography MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Practice asymmetric key cryptography MCQs, computer networks MCQ online for test prep. Cryptography quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), asymmetric key cryptography quiz questions and answers as an asymmetric-key (or public-key) cipher uses, answer key help with choices as 1 key, 2 key, 3 key and 4 key problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is to learn asymmetric key cryptography quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Asymmetric Key Cryptography Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. An asymmetric-key (or public-key) cipher uses

  1. 1 Key
  2. 2 Key
  3. 3 Key
  4. 4 Key


MCQ. The man-in-the-middle attack can endanger the security of the Diffie-Hellman method if two parties are not

  1. Authenticated
  2. Joined
  3. Submit
  4. Separate


MCQ. In Asymmetric-Key Cryptography, the two keys, e and d, have a special relationship to

  1. Others
  2. Data
  3. Keys
  4. Each other


MCQ. For RSA to work, the value of P must be less than the value of

  1. p
  2. q
  3. n
  4. r


MCQ. In Asymmetric-Key Cryptography, although RSA can be used to encrypt and decrypt actual messages, it is very slow if the message is

  1. Short
  2. Long
  3. Flat
  4. Thin