Learn Virtual Memory Quiz Questions 110 Tests pdf Download

Practice computer architecture MCQ test 110 to learn learn virtual memory quiz online. Download computer architecture and organization quiz questions and answers to learn exploiting memory. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on learn virtual memory, computer types, advanced techniques and speculation, dynamic scheduling and data hazards, instruction set architectures worksheets.

Free computer science worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as a situation in which same object is being accessed by two addresses, is referred to as, answer key with choices as aliasing, hit miss, valid data and page miss to test study skills. For e-learning, study online exploiting memory multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Learn Virtual Memory: Worksheets 110 Quiz pdf Download

Learn Virtual Memory Quiz

MCQ. A situation in which same object is being accessed by two addresses, is referred to as

  1. Aliasing
  2. Hit miss
  3. Valid data
  4. Page miss


Computer Types Quiz

MCQ. A 2nd key feature of server systems is

  1. Performance
  2. Scalability
  3. Price reduction
  4. Computation


Advanced Techniques and Speculation Quiz

MCQ. Attempts for predicting result of a computation used technique, is called

  1. Data prediction
  2. Flow prediction
  3. Value prediction
  4. Line prediction


Dynamic Scheduling and Data Hazards Quiz

MCQ. In scheme, named as Tomasulo

  1. Preservatives
  2. Tournament Predictors
  3. Reservation stations
  4. Registers


Instruction Set Architectures Quiz

MCQ. A GPR computer having memory to memory operations can easily be ignored by compiler and is used as a

  1. Load architecture
  2. Store architecture
  3. load-store computer
  4. None of above


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