Shared Memory Architectures Quiz Questions and Answers 96 PDF Download

Practice shared memory architectures quiz, computer architecture quiz online 96 to learn. Free computer architecture and organization MCQs questions and answers to learn shared memory architectures MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on shared memory architectures, signal processing and embedded applications, role of compilers, pipelining crosscutting issues, i/o performance, reliability measures and benchmarks worksheets.

Free shared memory architectures worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as protocols for maintaining coherence of multiple processors are known as, answer key with choices as data coherence protocols, commit coherence protocols, recurrence and cache coherence protocols problem solving to test study skills. For viva learning help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study online thread level parallelism multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Shared Memory Architectures Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 96

Shared Memory Architectures Quiz

MCQ. The protocols for maintaining coherence of multiple processors are known as

  1. Data coherence protocols
  2. Commit coherence protocols
  3. Recurrence
  4. Cache coherence protocols


Signal Processing and Embedded Applications Quiz

MCQ. The two partitions must be insulated to prevent operations on one half from affecting the other, such floating-point operations are called

  1. Single-instruction operation
  2. Vector operation
  3. Paired single operations
  4. Fetch operation


Role of Compilers Quiz

MCQ. Compilers usually chooses which procedure calls has to be expanded inline before knowing the size of the procedure, that is being called, the stated problem is known as

  1. Caller saving
  2. Callee saving
  3. Phase-ordering problem
  4. All above


Pipelining Crosscutting Issues Quiz

MCQ. Grouping the 16 functional units together into four groups and supplying a set of buses, called

  1. Resuming
  2. Data trunks
  3. Control trunks
  4. Deeper pipelining


I/O Performance, Reliability Measures and Benchmarks Quiz

MCQ. The sum of entry time, system response time and think time is known as

  1. Transaction time
  2. Latency
  3. Clock rate
  4. Hit delay