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Processor Datapath and Control Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf Download

Practice computer architecture test 1 with MCQ on organization of pentium implementations online for learning. Practice processor datapath and control multiple choice questions (MCQ) on organization of pentium implementations, simple implementation scheme, fallacies and pitfalls, exceptions, computer architecture,. Free study guide has answering options trace code, multicycle data path, hardwired control and microcode of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as for enhancement of pentium 4;soultion adopted was to test learning skills. Study to learn organization of pentium implementations quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Processor Datapath and Control - Test 1

MCQ. For enhancement of Pentium 4;soultion adopted was

  1. Multicycle data path.
  2. Trace code.
  3. Hardwired control.
  4. Microcode.


MCQ. In four control inputs of MIPS ALU ADD function has Control lines of

  1. 0.
  2. 11.
  3. 101.
  4. 101.


MCQ. If control store has space and new instructions are free of cost; given statement defines

  1. Pitfall.
  2. Trace code.
  3. Fallacy.
  4. Multicycle datapath.


MCQ. Invoking operating system of PC from user program is type of

  1. Interrupt.
  2. Exception.
  3. Overflow.
  4. None of above.


MCQ. When signals can be read and written is known as

  1. Execution time.
  2. Response time.
  3. Delay time.
  4. Clocking methodology.

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