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Exploiting Memory Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf Download

Practice computer architecture test 1 with MCQ on caches and cache types online for learning. Practice exploiting memory multiple choice questions (MCQ) on caches and cache types, pentium p4 and amd opteron memory, learn virtual memory,. Free study guide has answering options 1ten (001two) and 4ten (101two), 0ten (001two) and 5ten (101two), 1ten (001two) and 5ten (101two) and 1ten (001two) and 6ten (101two) of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as in a direct-mapped cache of eight words (1)10 (00001two) and (29)10 (11101two) map to locations to test learning skills. Study to learn caches and cache types quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Exploiting Memory - Test 1

MCQ. In a direct-mapped cache of eight words (1)10 (00001two) and (29)10 (11101two) map to locations

  1. 0ten (001two) and 5ten (101two).
  2. 1ten (001two) and 4ten (101two).
  3. 1ten (001two) and 5ten (101two).
  4. 1ten (001two) and 6ten (101two).


MCQ. Levels between CPU and main memory were given a name of

  1. Hit time.
  2. Miss rate.
  3. Locality in time.
  4. Cache.


MCQ. Allowing processor for continuing execution of instructions, that access data-cache while having cache miss, is known as

  1. Nonblocking cache.
  2. Blocking cache.
  3. Cache buffer.
  4. None of above.


MCQ. Having 32-bit virtual-address, 4 KB pages and 4 bytes/page of table entry, total no of page-table size would be

  1. 1MB.
  2. 2MB.
  3. 3MB.
  4. 4MB.


MCQ. A queue holding data while data are waiting to be written in memory, is known as

  1. Read buffer.
  2. Queue buffer.
  3. Write buffer.
  4. Data buffer.

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