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Data Level Parallelism and GPU Architecture Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf Download

Practice computer architecture test 1 with MCQ on graphics processing units online for learning. Practice data level parallelism and gpu architecture multiple choice questions (MCQ) on graphics processing units, architectural design vectors, simd instruction set extensions, vector architecture design,. Free study guide has answering options implicit unit-stride, explicit unit-stride, control synchronization and sim instructions of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as to load and store instructions of vector architectures, unit used is to test learning skills. Study to learn graphics processing units quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Data Level Parallelism and GPU Architecture - Test 1

MCQ. To load and store instructions of vector architectures, unit used is

  1. Explicit unit-stride.
  2. Implicit unit-stride.
  3. Control synchronization.
  4. SIM instructions.


MCQ. Most essential source of overhead, when gets ignored by chime model is vector

  1. Vector register.
  2. Vector element.
  3. Vector start-up time.
  4. Vector delay time.


MCQ. Highest bandwidth of memory for moving ridge point in Corei7 from 2.6 to

  1. 0.4.
  2. 0.6.
  3. 1.5.
  4. 3.2.


MCQ. Median vectorization getting improved from about 70% to about

  1. 75%.
  2. 80%.
  3. 90%.
  4. 100%.


MCQ. Loops when gets vectored then they do not have dependences among iterations of a loop, which are called

  1. Data dependences.
  2. Control dependences.
  3. Loop-control dependences.
  4. loop-carried dependences.

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