Computer Code MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Practice computer code MCQs, computer architecture MCQ test for online learning. Instruction set principles quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), computer code quiz questions and answers to practice as pc-relative addressing permitting code for running independently, where it has been loaded, stated technology is known as, answer key help with choices as position independence, position dependence, data independence and data dependence problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is for online learning computer code quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Computer Code Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. PC-relative addressing permitting the code for running independently, where it has been loaded, the stated technology is known as

  1. Position independence
  2. Position dependence
  3. Data independence
  4. Data dependence


MCQ. Code for writing byte from the destination can be written as

  1. sb $t0,1($gp)
  2. sb $t0,0($gp)
  3. lb $t0,0($gp)
  4. sb $t0,0($sp)


MCQ. Code for reading byte from the source can be written as

  1. lb $t0,1($sp)
  2. st $t0,0($sp)
  3. lb $t0,0($sp)
  4. st $t0,1($sp)


MCQ. The following lines of code IR <= Memory[PC]; PC <= PC + 4; explains the

  1. Instruction Fetch step
  2. Instruction Decode step
  3. Instruction Execute step
  4. both a and b