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Capital Budgeting & Inflation Quiz Questions and Answers 61 PDF Download

Learn capital budgeting & inflation quiz, cost accounting quiz online 61 to practice. Free accounting MCQs questions and answers to learn capital budgeting & inflation MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on capital budgeting and inflation, concept of relevance, retail organizations: inventory management, overhead cost variance analysis, payback method worksheets.

Free capital budgeting & inflation worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as if real rate is 16% and an inflation rate is 8%, then nominal rate of return will be, answer key with choices as 27.28%, 25.28%, 22.28 and 21.28 problem solving to test study skills. For viva learning help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study online capital budgeting & cost benefit analysis multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Capital Budgeting & Inflation Video

Quiz on Capital Budgeting & Inflation Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 61

Capital Budgeting and Inflation Quiz

MCQ. If the real rate is 16% and an inflation rate is 8%, then the nominal rate of return will be

  1. 27.28%
  2. 25.28%
  3. 22.28
  4. 21.28


Concept of Relevance Quiz

MCQ. The financial factors measured in numerical terms, having some monetary value are considered as

  1. qualitative factors
  2. quantitative factors
  3. expected factors
  4. recorded factors


Retail Organizations: Inventory Management Quiz

MCQ. An average inventory in units is multiplied with annual relevant carrying cost of each unit to calculate

  1. annual irrelevant ordering costs
  2. annual relevant carrying costs
  3. annual relevant ordering costs
  4. annual irrelevant carrying costs


Overhead Cost Variance Analysis Quiz

MCQ. A measure which evaluates overall tradeoff and effect among non-financial performance measure is

  1. non-financial measures
  2. financial measures
  3. effective measure
  4. lump sum measure


Payback Method Quiz

MCQ. The method, which calculates the time to recoup initial investment of project in form of expected cash flows is known as

  1. net value cash flow method
  2. payback method
  3. single cash flow method
  4. lean cash flow method