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Payback Method Quiz Questions 40 Tests pdf Download

Practice payback method quiz, cost accounting quiz 40 to learn. Free accounting MCQs questions and answers to learn payback method MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on payback method, accounting: operating income, cost accounts, organization structure and management accountant, cost based pricing worksheets.

Free payback method worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as net initial investment is divided by uniform increasing in future cash flows to calculate, answer key with choices as discounting period, investment period, payback period and earning period to test study skills. For eLearning, study online capital budgeting & cost benefit analysis multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Payback Method Video

Quiz on Payback Method Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 40

Payback Method Quiz

MCQ. Net initial investment is divided by uniform increasing in future cash flows to calculate

  1. discounting period
  2. investment period
  3. payback period
  4. earning period


Accounting: Operating Income Quiz

MCQ. Contribution margin is $34000 and operating income is $12000, then degree of operating leverage will be

  1. 4.84
  2. 2.84
  3. 3.84
  4. 5.84


Cost Accounts Quiz

MCQ. Costs of goods acquired from suppliers is classified as

  1. stock-out costs
  2. ordering costs
  3. carrying costs
  4. purchasing costs


Organization Structure and Management Accountant Quiz

MCQ. Function of management accountant, who works as business partner comes under category of

  1. asset function
  2. investment function
  3. line function
  4. staff function


Cost Based Pricing Quiz

MCQ. If total production is 25000 units and target annual operating income is $300000 then target operating income per unit would be

  1. $15
  2. $12
  3. $16
  4. $18