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Break Even Point Quiz Questions 158 pdf Download

Practice cost accounting MCQ test 158 to learn break even point quiz online. Find questions to study bba cost accounting quiz on cost volume profit analysis. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on break even point, internal controls accounting, planning of variable and fixed overhead costs, types of inventory, constant gross margin percentage nrv method,.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as contribution margin per unit is $700 per unit and break even per unit is $40 then fixed cost would be with answering options $35,000, $28,000, $17,500 and $82,000 to test study skills. For e-learning, study online cost volume profit analysis multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Break Even Point - Worksheet 158

Break Even Point Quiz

MCQ. Contribution margin per unit is $700 per unit and break even per unit is $40 then fixed cost would be

  1. $35,000.
  2. $28,000.
  3. $17,500.
  4. $82,000.


Internal Controls Accounting Quiz

MCQ. Master budget includes all projections of company's budget and focuses on

  1. serial correlation.
  2. marketing plan.
  3. financial plan.
  4. Both B and C.


Planning of Variable and Fixed Overhead Costs Quiz

MCQ. Company must eliminate all those activities that do not add value to all products or services in planning of

  1. variable overhead cost.
  2. fixed overhead cost.
  3. fixed batch cost.
  4. variable batch cost.


Types of Inventory Quiz

MCQ. An inventory which consists of stock waiting to be used In process of manufacturing is classified as

  1. finished goods inventory.
  2. indirect material inventory.
  3. direct materials inventory.
  4. work in process inventory.


Constant Gross Margin Percentage NRV Method Quiz

MCQ. If percentage of overall gross margin is 15 and final sales value of whole production is $20000 then gross margin (in dollars) will be

  1. $30,000.
  2. $300,000.
  3. $40,000.
  4. $400,000.


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