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Inventory Management, Just in Time and Costing Methods Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf Download

Practice BBA cost accounting test 1 with MCQ on retail organizations: inventory management online for learning. Practice inventory management, just in time and costing methods multiple choice questions (MCQ) on retail organizations: inventory management, cost accounts,. Free study guide has answering options storage costs, incoming freight, insurance and spoilage of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as an example of purchasing costs include to test learning skills. Study to learn retail organizations: inventory management quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Inventory Management, Just in Time and Costing Methods - Test 1

MCQ. An example of purchasing costs include

  1. incoming freight.
  2. storage costs.
  3. insurance.
  4. spoilage.


MCQ. If an average inventory is 2000 units and annual relevant carrying cost of each unit is $5 then annual relevant carrying cost will be

  1. $5,000.
  2. $4,500.
  3. $5,500.
  4. $6,000.


MCQ. If demand of one year is 25000 units, relevant ordering cost for each purchase order is $210 and carrying cost of one unit of stock is $25 then economic order quantity is

  1. 678 packages.
  2. 648 packages.
  3. 658 packages.
  4. 668 packages.


MCQ. Cost of product failure, error prevention and appraisals are classified as

  1. stocking costs.
  2. stock-out costs.
  3. costs of quality.
  4. shrinkage costs.


MCQ. * activities related to coordinating, controlling and planning activities of flow of inventory are classified as

  1. decisional management.
  2. throughput management.
  3. inventory management.
  4. manufacturing management.


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