Experimental Techniques Quiz Questions 197 Tests pdf Download

Practice chemistry MCQ test 197 to learn experimental techniques quiz online. Free college chemistry quiz questions and answers to learn experimental techniques. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on experimental techniques, bond formation, filter paper filtration, phase changes energies, liquefaction of gases worksheets.

Free chemistry worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as identification of an element is, answer key with choices as testing, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis and physical test to test study skills. For e-learning, study online experimental techniques multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Experimental Techniques: Worksheets 197 Quiz pdf Download

Experimental Techniques Quiz

MCQ. Identification of an element is

  1. Testing
  2. quantitative analysis
  3. Qualitative analysis
  4. Physical test


Bond Formation Quiz

MCQ. Distance of 75.4pm where attractive forces dominate repulsive forces that distance is called

  1. bond distance
  2. bond length
  3. compromise distance
  4. all of above


Filter Paper Filtration Quiz

MCQ. Suspended particles are collected on

  1. filter paper
  2. sieve
  3. surface
  4. funnel


Phase Changes Energies Quiz

MCQ. Molar heat of sublimation is when solid

  1. boils
  2. freezes
  3. sublimes
  4. vaporize


Liquefaction of Gases Quiz

MCQ. Critical temperature for oxygen is

  1. 123K
  2. 145K
  3. 154.4K
  4. 178K


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