Plasma State Quiz Questions 191 Tests pdf Download

Practice chemistry MCQ test 191 to learn plasma state quiz online. Free college chemistry quiz questions and answers to learn gases. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on plasma state, dipole dipole forces, fundamental particles, quantum numbers, charge to mass ratio of electron worksheets.

Free chemistry worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as plasma can be used in sterilization of, answer key with choices as households, sanitary, medical products and water to test study skills. For e-learning, study online gases multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Plasma State: Worksheets 191 Quiz pdf Download

Plasma State Quiz

MCQ. Plasma can be used in sterilization of

  1. households
  2. sanitary
  3. medical products
  4. water


Dipole Dipole Forces Quiz

MCQ. Dipole dipole forces are as effective as covalent bond about

  1. 1 percent
  2. 2 percent
  3. 3 percent
  4. 5 percent


Fundamental Particles Quiz

MCQ. Charge on proton is positive whose value in coulomb is

  1. x10-27
  2. x10-27
  3. x10-19
  4. x10-27


Quantum Numbers Quiz

MCQ. Value of n is 1 for

  1. K shell
  2. L shell
  3. M shell
  4. N shell


Charge to Mass Ratio of Electron Quiz

MCQ. Smallest charge on electricity which has been measured till now is actually charge on

  1. protons
  2. electron
  3. neutrons
  4. neutrino

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