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Crystals Classification Quiz Questions 152 Tests pdf Download

Learn quiz on crystals classification, chemistry quiz 152 to practice. Free chemistry MCQs questions and answers to learn crystals classification MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on crystals and classification, kinetic interpretation of temperature, fundamental particles, properties of positive rays, classification of solids worksheets.

Free crystals classification worksheet has multiple choice quiz questions as orthorhombic system is also known as, answer key with choices as monoclinic, hexagonal, rhombic and triclinic to test study skills. For eLearning, study online liquids and solids multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Crystals Classification Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 152

Crystals and Classification Quiz

MCQ. Orthorhombic system is also known as

  1. monoclinic
  2. hexagonal
  3. rhombic
  4. triclinic


Kinetic Interpretation of Temperature Quiz

MCQ. Temperature which cannot be attained is

  1. absolute 1
  2. absolute4
  3. absolute7
  4. absolute zero


Fundamental Particles Quiz

MCQ. Mass in kg of a proton is

  1. x10-27
  2. x10-27
  3. x10-27
  4. x10-27


Properties of Positive Rays Quiz

MCQ. Direction in which positive rays travel is opposite to

  1. anode
  2. cathode rays
  3. towards adjacent wall
  4. towards opposite wall


Classification of Solids Quiz

MCQ. NaI has value of lattice energy in kilo joule per mole which is

  1. −690
  2. 980
  3. −500
  4. 800


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