Basic Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 Tests pdf Download

Practice basic chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs), chemistry test 1 online to learn. Practice what is atom MCQs questions and answers on what is atom, relative abundance, empirical formula, spectrometer with answers. Free basic chemistry quiz, online study guide has answer key with choices as bohr, democritus, rutherford and archimedes of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as atom was a name given by to test learning skills. Study to learn what is atom quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Basic Chemistry Quiz pdf Download Test 1

MCQ. Atom was a name given by

  1. Democritus
  2. Bohr
  3. Rutherford
  4. Archimedes


MCQ. Number of unstable isotopes is

  1. 300
  2. 50
  3. 370
  4. 360


MCQ. Empirical formula of benzene is similar to

  1. water
  2. glycerine
  3. hydrogen peroxide
  4. glucose


MCQ. Relative number of ions in mass spectrometer is plotted as

  1. none
  2. z axis
  3. abscissa
  4. ordinate


MCQ. Isotopes present in nature are

  1. 270
  2. 280
  3. 290
  4. 300