Plant Hormone Quiz Questions 346 Tests pdf Download

Practice college biology MCQ test 346 to learn plant hormone quiz online. Download biology quiz questions and answers to learn coordination and control. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on plant hormone, transport in man, hypothalamus, excretion in vertebrates, bowman capsule worksheets.

Free biology worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as a commercial compound that breaks down to release ethane in plants is known as, answer key with choices as ethaphon, ethnoate, ethephon and ethyl to practice theory test for college, university academic degree exams and interview preparartion. For e-learning, study online coordination and control multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Plant Hormone: Worksheets 346 Quiz pdf Download

Plant Hormone Quiz

MCQ. A commercial compound that breaks down to release ethane in plants is known as

  1. ethaphon
  2. ethnoate
  3. ethephon
  4. ethyl


Transport in Man Quiz

MCQ. All hormones move in body via blood and

  1. lymphs
  2. plasma and bones
  3. plasma
  4. antigens


Hypothalamus Quiz

MCQ. Two hormones produced in hypothalamus are

  1. oxytocin and oestrogen
  2. oxytocin and testosterone
  3. oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone
  4. oxytocin and thyroxine


Excretion in Vertebrates Quiz

MCQ. In adequate or surplus supply of water, reabsorption in kidneys is

  1. reduced
  2. enhanced
  3. increase
  4. overcome


Bowman Capsule Quiz

MCQ. Ball of capillaries which surrounds bowman's capsule is called

  1. glomerulus
  2. bowman's capsule
  3. medulla
  4. bowman's man

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