Kingdom Protoctista Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf/epub/iBook Download

Practice college biology test 1 on kingdom protoctista multiple choice questions (MCQs) online to learn. Practice fungus like protists MCQs questions and answers on fungus like protists, protista groups, cytoplasm, flagellates with answers. Free kingdom protoctista revision notes has answer key with choices as mycetes, oomycetes, dicetes and monocetes of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as water molds are another name of to test learning skills. Study to learn fungus like protists quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Kingdom Protoctista Test 1 Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Water molds are another name of

  1. oomycetes
  2. mycetes
  3. dicetes
  4. monocetes


MCQ. Most unusual protist phyla is

  1. coflagellates
  2. dinoflagellates
  3. choanoflagellates
  4. paraflagellates


MCQ. African sleeping sickness is caused by a human parasite called

  1. trysoma
  2. panosoma
  3. trypanosoma
  4. dipanosoma


MCQ. Pseudopodia is specialized cytoplasmic projections which is attribute of

  1. paramecium
  2. Ameoba
  3. hydra
  4. chlamydomonas


MCQ. Flagellates which are found in gut of termite and digest dry wood are called

  1. dichonymphus
  2. Trichonymphas
  3. teranymphas
  4. quadronymphus

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