Enzymes Biology Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 Tests pdf Download

Practice enzymes biology multiple choice questions (MCQs), biology test 1 online to learn. Practice enzyme action rate MCQs questions and answers on enzyme action rate, introduction to enzymes, mechanism of enzyme action, enzymes characteristics with answers. Free enzymes biology quiz, online study guide has answer key with choices as optimum ph, density, temperature and concentration of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as enzyme activity can be blocked or retarded on minute disturbance in to test learning skills. Study to learn enzyme action rate quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test. Enzyme Action Rate Video

MCQ on Enzymes Biology Quiz pdf Download Test 1

MCQ. Enzyme activity can be blocked or retarded on minute disturbance in

  1. density
  2. optimum ph
  3. temperature
  4. concentration


MCQ. Non-protein part of an enzyme is called

  1. co-enzyme
  2. co-factor
  3. substrate
  4. activator


MCQ. A definite charge bearing site of an enzyme on which a chemical substance attaches itself is called

  1. active site
  2. available site
  3. catalytic site
  4. binding site


MCQ. An enzyme which is devoid of its either prosthetic group or co-enzyme is designates as

  1. holoenzyme
  2. apoenzyme
  3. substrate
  4. coenzyme


MCQ. Inactive form of pepsin which has power of destroying cell's internal structure is known as

  1. pepsinogen
  2. pectin
  3. pancreatic
  4. amino pectin