Flagellates MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn flagellates MCQs, biology MCQ online for test prep. Kingdom protoctista quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), flagellates quiz questions and answers as flagellates which are found in gut of termite and digest dry wood are called, answer key help with choices as dichonymphus, trichonymphas, teranymphas and quadronymphus problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is to practice flagellates quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers. Flagellates Video

MCQs on Flagellates Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Flagellates which are found in gut of termite and digest dry wood are called

  1. dichonymphus
  2. Trichonymphas
  3. teranymphas
  4. quadronymphus


MCQ. Flagellates which are sessile, marine and their single flagellum is covered by a collar is called

  1. tetrad
  2. choanoflagellates
  3. aflagellates
  4. diflagellate


MCQ. Flagellates rely on dead or decomposing organic matter to obtain its

  1. food
  2. air
  3. water
  4. transport


MCQ. Cells of dinoflagellates are covered with shells of interlocking cellulose plates which are impregnated with

  1. calcium
  2. silicates
  3. phophorus
  4. sulfates