Biology Part I MCQs Test Online pdf Download

Practice MCQs on biology part i with biology tests for online test prep and learning. Free study guide has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with biology part i quiz as for terrestrial adaptation, bryophytes form a special structure to absorb water known as, answering options antherozoids, rhizoids, water molds and hydrophiles for exam prep. Study to learn biology part i quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Biology Part I

MCQ. For terrestrial adaptation, Bryophytes form a special structure to absorb water known as

  1. antherozoids.
  2. rhizoids.
  3. water molds.
  4. hydrophiles.


MCQ. Four postulates were given by Robert Koch in the

  1. Germ theory of disease.
  2. Disease Theory.
  3. Germs Theory.
  4. Four Postulate theory.


MCQ. Unit of classification is a

  1. genre.
  2. specie.
  3. cell.
  4. kingdom.


MCQ. A system for naming any classifying all organisms was given by

  1. Edward Jenner.
  2. Carlous Linnaeus.
  3. Robert brown.
  4. M.john.


MCQ. Two molecules which belong to different categories combine together to form

  1. a complex molecule.
  2. conjugated molecule.
  3. compound molecule.
  4. double molecule.

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