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Learn animals support and movements MCQs, online biology MCQ for test prep. Support and movements quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), animals support and movements quiz questions and answers as sensory receptors of exoskeleton are called, answer key with choices as sensilla, bristles, lenses and effectors problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is to practice animals support and movements quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers. Animals Support and Movements Video

MCQs on Animals Support and Movements Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Sensory receptors of exoskeleton are called

  1. sensilla
  2. bristles
  3. lenses
  4. effectors


MCQ. Epicuticle in exoskeleton is made up of

  1. lipoprotein
  2. chitin
  3. polysaccharide
  4. fructolipase


MCQ. Flexible elastic and non living matrix collagen are secreted by

  1. chondrocytes
  2. phagocytes
  3. choanocytes
  4. erythrocytes


MCQ. Softer connective tissue which covers end of bone joint is

  1. exoskeleton
  2. compact bone
  3. sponge bone
  4. cartilage


MCQ. Shedding of exoskeleton to replace it due to growth in body is termed as

  1. moulting
  2. ecdysis
  3. both of them
  4. molding