Market Segmentation Quiz Questions and Answers 86 PDF Download

Learn market segmentation quiz, BBA marketing priciples quiz 86 for online learning. Free marketing MCQs questions and answers to practice market segmentation MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on market segmentation, entering marketplace, types of costs, psychological factors, what is a product worksheets.

Free market segmentation worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as segmentation of international markets on basis of stability of governments is included in, answer key with choices as geographic location, cultural factors, economic factors and political and legal factors problem solving to test study skills. For online learning, viva help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study customer driven marketing strategy multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Market Segmentation Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 86

Market Segmentation Quiz

MCQ. Segmentation of international markets on the basis of stability of governments is included in

  1. geographic location
  2. cultural factors
  3. economic factors
  4. political and legal factors


Entering Marketplace Quiz

MCQ. The way of entering foreign markets by setting up foreign manufacturing facilities is classified as

  1. direct investment
  2. indirect investment
  3. union ownership
  4. export union


Types of Costs Quiz

MCQ. If the fixed cost is $250000, variable cost is $30 and price is $40

  1. 40000
  2. 35000
  3. 30000
  4. 25000


Psychological Factors Quiz

MCQ. According to 'Maslow's hierarchy of needs', the need of recognition and status is classified as

  1. physiological needs
  2. social needs
  3. safety needs
  4. esteem needs


What is a Product Quiz

MCQ. The products that are usually distributed through fewer stores but with increased customer services is called

  1. shopping specialty products
  2. less convenient sought products
  3. shopping products
  4. unsought industrial product