Vertical Marketing Systems Quiz Questions and Answers 125 PDF Download

Practice vertical marketing systems quiz, BBA marketing priciples quiz online 125 to learn. Free marketing MCQs questions and answers to learn vertical marketing systems MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on vertical marketing systems, customer value based pricing, designing a customer driven marketing strategy, marketing research worksheets.

Free vertical marketing systems worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as kind of channel arrangement in which retailers, wholesalers and producers act as a single system is classified as, answer key with choices as conventional distribution channel, horizontal marketing system, vertical marketing system and static distribution channel problem solving to test study skills. For viva learning help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study online marketing channels multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Vertical Marketing Systems Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 125

Vertical Marketing Systems Quiz

MCQ. The kind of channel arrangement in which the retailers, wholesalers and producers act as a single system is classified as

  1. conventional distribution channel
  2. horizontal marketing system
  3. vertical marketing system
  4. static distribution channel


Vertical Marketing Systems Quiz

MCQ. The marketing system in which two or more companies join together at one level to seek new marketing opportunity is classified as

  1. horizontal marketing system
  2. vertical marketing system
  3. static marketing system
  4. flexible marketing system


Customer Value Based Pricing Quiz

MCQ. If the cost of product is $30 and the profit margin for each unit is $3 then the price that must be charged to customers is

  1. $30
  2. $33
  3. $27
  4. $34


Designing a Customer Driven Marketing Strategy Quiz

MCQ. The customer driven marketing strategy is another name of

  1. The selling concept
  2. The marketing concept
  3. The product concept
  4. The societal marketing concept


Marketing Research Quiz

MCQ. The research which is completed with the objective to test hypothesis is called

  1. casual research
  2. exploratory research
  3. descriptive research
  4. both a and c