Forecasting and Demand Measurement MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Practice forecasting and demand measurement MCQs, marketing management MCQ test for online learning. Collecting information and forecasting demand quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), forecasting and demand measurement quiz questions and answers to practice as in industry, market is affected by marketing expenditures of companies is called, answer key help with choices as expansible market, no expansible market, expanding expenditure and limited expenditure problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is for online learning forecasting and demand measurement quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Forecasting and Demand Measurement Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. In industry, market is affected by marketing expenditures of companies is called

  1. expansible market
  2. no expansible market
  3. expanding expenditure
  4. limited expenditure


MCQ. The maximum number of sales of all the firm's in an industry for a given period of time is called

  1. total market potential
  2. total production potential
  3. total demand potential
  4. current demand


MCQ. The sales forecast is graphically shown, the horizontal axis shows

  1. raw material cost
  2. production
  3. sales
  4. marketing effort


MCQ. The index showing that it is expensive to attract few or more prospects is referred in

  1. low market penetration index
  2. strict demand
  3. high market penetration index
  4. stretched market penetration index


MCQ. The sales goals set for company division or product lines are referred as

  1. sales quota
  2. production quota
  3. demand potential
  4. marketing expenses quota