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Competency Based Pay Quiz Questions 152 Tests pdf Download

Practice competency based pay quiz, BBA HRM quiz 152 to learn. Free HRM MCQs questions and answers to learn competency based pay MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on competency based pay, basic factors in determining pay rates, hrd scorecard developed, human resource management, calculating salary rates worksheets.

Free competency based pay worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as comparing quite dissimilar jobs such as nurses to technicians is best classified as, answer key with choices as comparable worth, incomparable worth, definable worth and indefinable worth to test study skills. For eLearning and interviews prep, study online establishing strategic pay plans multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Competency Based Pay Video

Quiz on Competency Based Pay Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 152

Competency Based Pay Quiz

MCQ. Comparing quite dissimilar jobs such as nurses to technicians is best classified as

  1. comparable worth
  2. incomparable worth
  3. definable worth
  4. indefinable worth


Basic Factors in Determining Pay Rates Quiz

MCQ. Blue collar workers often get paid on

  1. time based pay
  2. performance based pay
  3. extra bonuses
  4. discount on fares


HRD Scorecard Developed Quiz

MCQ. HRD dimension which is measured with help of development of questionnaire is named as

  1. HRD culture
  2. Business linkage score
  3. HRD competence score
  4. HRD system maturity score


Human Resource Management Quiz

MCQ. A pay grade is comprised of

  1. jobs of equal difficulty
  2. jobs of equal pay
  3. jobs of equal incentives
  4. jobs of equal skills


Calculating Salary Rates Quiz

MCQ. If person finds imbalance between his services and paid salary, than

  1. tension is created
  2. person is more motivated
  3. person is less motivated
  4. person is never motivated