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Bond Yield & Bond Risk Premium Quiz Questions and Answers 17 PDF Download

Practice bond yield & bond risk premium quiz, BBA financial management quiz 17 for online learning. Free finance MCQs questions and answers to practice bond yield & bond risk premium MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on bond yield and bond risk premium, expected rate of return on constant growth stock, common stock valuation, risk in portfolio context, legal rights and privileges of common stockholders worksheets.

Free bond yield & bond risk premium worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as cost of common stock is 16% and bond yield is 9% then bond risk premium would be, answer key with choices as 7%, $7 , 1.78% and 25% problem solving to test study skills. For online learning, viva help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study cost of capital multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Bond Yield & Bond Risk Premium Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 17

Bond Yield and Bond Risk Premium Quiz

MCQ. The cost of common stock is 16% and the bond yield is 9% then the bond risk premium would be

  1. 7%
  2. $7
  3. 1.78%
  4. 25%


Expected Rate of Return on Constant Growth Stock Quiz

MCQ. The constant growth rate is 9.5% and an expected rate of return is 13.5% then expected dividend yield would be

  1. 23%
  2. 1.42%
  3. 4%
  4. $1.42


Common Stock Valuation Quiz

MCQ. The paid dividend is $20 and the current price is $50 then the dividend yield will be

  1. 40%
  2. $40
  3. $70
  4. $30


Risk in Portfolio Context Quiz

MCQ. The risk affects any firm with the factors such as war, recessions, inflation and high interest rates is classified as

  1. diversifiable risk
  2. market risk
  3. stock risk
  4. portfolio risk


Legal Rights and Privileges of Common Stockholders Quiz

MCQ. The stock in small companies, owned by few people but not actively traded is classified as

  1. closely held stock
  2. largely held stock
  3. attributed stock
  4. successful stock