Electric Field Lines Quiz Questions and Answers Online 32 pdf eBooks Download

Learn electric field lines quiz questions, online applied physics quiz 32 to practice. Free physics MCQs questions and answers to learn electric field lines MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on electric field lines, physics basics, angular acceleration, electric and gravitational forces, electromagnetic induction worksheets.

Free electric field lines worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as in region of any positive point charge, other positive point charge feels, answer key with choices as attractive force, opposite force, repulsive force and both a and b problem solving to test study skills. For viva learning help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study online electrostatic multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Electric Field Lines Video

Quiz on Electric Field Lines Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 32

Electric Field Lines Quiz

MCQ. In region of any positive point charge, other positive point charge feels

  1. attractive force
  2. opposite force
  3. repulsive force
  4. both a and b


Physics Basics Quiz

MCQ. Researches of studying nature and type of forces that hold things together are dealt by

  1. physics
  2. digital designs
  3. math
  4. operating systems


Angular Acceleration Quiz

MCQ. In system international, angular acceleration is measured in

  1. degree per second
  2. degree per second square
  3. radians per second
  4. radians per second square


Electric and Gravitational Forces Quiz

MCQ. Gravitational and electric forces are inversely proportional to

  1. distance
  2. square of distance
  3. mass
  4. square of mass


Electromagnetic Induction Quiz

MCQ. EMF produced in conductor is known as

  1. EMF
  2. induced EMF
  3. deduce EMF
  4. both a and b