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Electromagnetic Induction in Physics Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 Tests pdf Download

Practice electromagnetic induction in physics multiple choice questions (MCQs), physics test 1 online to learn. Practice physics questions and answers MCQs questions and answers on physics questions and answers, emf in physics, transformers, ac and dc generator, induction in physics with answers. Free electromagnetic induction in physics study guide has answer key with choices as motional e.m.f, e.m.f, static e.m.f and rotational e.m.f of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as electro motive force induced by motion of conductor across magnetic field is called to test learning skills. Study to learn physics questions and answers quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Electromagnetic Induction in Physics Quiz pdf Download Test 1

MCQ. Electro motive force induced by motion of conductor across magnetic field is called

  1. e.m.f
  2. motional e.m.f
  3. static e.m.f
  4. rotational e.m.f


MCQ. Square coil of side 16 cm having 200 turns rotating in magnetic field of 0.05 T with peak e.m.f of 12 V will produce angular velocity of

  1. 47 rads
  2. 49 rads
  3. 42 rads
  4. 48 rads


MCQ. Dimensions of rate of change of flux are equivalent to those of

  1. voltage
  2. current
  3. 1/charge
  4. charge


MCQ. Device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is

  1. AC generator
  2. DC generator
  3. cell
  4. DC motor


MCQ. Self induced e.m.f is sometimes also known as

  1. induced e.m.f
  2. deduce e.m.f
  3. back e.m.f
  4. both a and b