Polynomial Rational Functions Quiz Questions 91 pdf Download

Practice applied math MCQ test 91 to learn polynomial rational functions quiz online. Find questions to study mathematics quiz on quadratic and polynomial functions. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on polynomial and rational functions, characteristics of exponential functions, graphing linear functions, linear programming examples, dual simplex method,.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as functions expressed in form of ratios and form of quotient of polynomials are with answering options rational functions, irrational functions, quotient function and ratio function to test study skills. For e-learning, study online quadratic and polynomial functions multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Polynomial Rational Functions - Worksheet 91

Polynomial and Rational Functions Quiz

MCQ. Functions expressed in form of ratios and form of quotient of polynomials are

  1. rational functions.
  2. irrational functions.
  3. quotient function.
  4. ratio function.


Characteristics of Exponential Functions Quiz

MCQ. General form of algebraic function x4 multiply x2 have solved form as

  1. x6.
  2. 2x6.
  3. x2.
  4. 2x2.


Graphing Linear Functions Quiz

MCQ. When linear function of cost and revenue have same variables then profit function have

  1. different variable.
  2. same variable.
  3. gain variable.
  4. loss variable.


Linear Programming Examples Quiz

MCQ. In linear programming, objective function and objective constraints are

  1. solved.
  2. linear.
  3. quadratic.
  4. adjacent.


Dual Simplex Method Quiz

MCQ. In formulation of dual and primal, dual statement is

  1. changed problem.
  2. maximization problem.
  3. minimization problem.
  4. unchanged problem.


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