Characteristics of Exponential Functions Quiz Questions 70 pdf Download

Practice applied math MCQ test 70 to learn characteristics of exponential functions quiz online. Find questions to study mathematics quiz on exponential and logarithmic functions. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on characteristics of exponential functions, linear functions in maths, how to graph a parabola, gaussian elimination in mathematics, introduction to linear programming,.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as exponential function with general form y = ƒ(x) = aemx is special class exponential function with with answering options base-e, base-a, base-m and base-x to test study skills. For e-learning, study online exponential and logarithmic functions multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Characteristics of Exponential Functions - Worksheet 70

Characteristics of Exponential Functions Quiz

MCQ. Exponential function with general form y = ƒ(x) = aemx is special class exponential function with

  1. base-e.
  2. base-a.
  3. base-m.
  4. base-x.


Linear Functions in Maths Quiz

MCQ. Cost function is C(x) = 55x + 150,000 and revenue function R(x) is 75x then profit function is

  1. P(55) = 75x-(55-150,000x).
  2. P(x) = 75x-(55x+150,000).
  3. P(x) = 55x-(75x+150,000).
  4. P(75) = 75x-(55+150,000)x.


How to Graph a Parabola Quiz

MCQ. A parabola graph which opens upward is classified as

  1. concave up.
  2. concave down.
  3. concave right.
  4. concave left.


Gaussian Elimination in Mathematics Quiz

MCQ. In Gaussian elimination procedure, constants which is augmented for first time with second system are

  1. lower constants.
  2. right side constants.
  3. left side constants.
  4. upper constants.


Introduction to Linear Programming Quiz

MCQ. In time processing of cheques in banks to minimize problem classified as

  1. float.
  2. component.
  3. fixed.
  4. origination.

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