Linear Functions in Maths Quiz Questions 61 Tests pdf Download

Practice linear functions in maths quizzes, applied math quiz 61 to learn. Free mathematics MCQs questions and answers to learn linear functions in maths MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on linear functions in maths, characteristics of exponential functions, cash flow analysis, two variable systems of equation worksheets.

Free linear functions in maths worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as in function p(x) = 75x - (55x + 150,000) slope is, answer key with choices as 55, 75, 150,000 and 132 to test study skills. For eLearning, study online linear function applications multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Linear Functions in Maths Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 61

Linear Functions in Maths Quiz

MCQ. In function P(x) = 75x - (55x + 150,000) slope is

  1. 55
  2. 75
  3. 150,000
  4. 132


Characteristics of Exponential Functions Quiz

MCQ. Compounding used in saving accounts as a way to promote business is

  1. continuous compounding
  2. interest compounding
  3. constant compounding
  4. variable compounding


Cash Flow Analysis Quiz

MCQ. Present value of cash inflows is $60,000 USD and present value of cash outflows is $50,000 USD then net present value is

  1. $10,000
  2. −$10000
  3. $110,000
  4. −$110000


Two Variable Systems of Equation Quiz

MCQ. Single order pair of variables that satisfy equation systems then this is called

  1. unique solution
  2. number solution
  3. dimension solution
  4. variable solution


Linear Functions in Maths Quiz

MCQ. Increase in prices of a market offering in a market results in

  1. increase in other product prices
  2. increase in production cost
  3. increase in demand
  4. decrease in demand