Linear Equations: Math Quiz Questions 24 Tests pdf Download

Practice applied math MCQ test 24 to learn linear equations: math quiz online. Download mathematics quiz questions and answers to learn linear equations. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on linear equations: math, slope intercept form, how to do with linear equations, introduction to linear programming, cost benefit analysis worksheets.

Free statistics worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as example of linear equation involving two variables is, answer key with choices as 7x+3y+4z = 20, 6x+2y = 10, 8x = 2+10 and 7a+8b+9c = 10+5 to test study skills. For e-learning, study online linear equations multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Linear Equations: Math: Worksheets 24 Quiz pdf Download

Linear Equations: Math Quiz

MCQ. Example of linear equation involving two variables is

  1. 7x+3y+4z = 20
  2. 6x+2y = 10
  3. 8x = 2+10
  4. 7a+8b+9c = 10+5


Slope Intercept Form Quiz

MCQ. In slope intercept form of linear equation 'y = mx+k', k is

  1. y-coordinate of x-intercept
  2. x-coordinate of y-intercept
  3. x-coordinate of x-intercept
  4. y-coordinate of y-intercept


How to Do with Linear Equations Quiz

MCQ. Relative steepness of slope of straight line of equation is indicated with

  1. absolute value
  2. negative whole number
  3. natural numbers
  4. constant values


Introduction to Linear Programming Quiz

MCQ. Shaded area to represent solution set is classified as

  1. closed half space
  2. open half space
  3. positive full space
  4. negative full space


Cost Benefit Analysis Quiz

MCQ. Present value of cash inflows is $50,000 USD and present value of cash outflows is $55,000 USD then net present value is

  1. −$105000
  2. −$5000
  3. $5,000
  4. $105,000

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