Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Practice exponential and logarithmic functions multiple choice questions (MCQs), mathematics test 1 for online exams. Practice applied math: exponential function MCQs questions and answers on applied math exponential function, characteristics of exponential functions with answers. Free exponential and logarithmic functions quiz, online study guide has helping answer key with choices as 2x4, x4, x6 and 2x6 of multiple choice questions as general form of algebraic function x5 multiply x¹ have solved form as to test learning skills for viva exam preparation and job's interview questions. Study to learn applied math: exponential function quiz questions with online learning MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Quiz PDF Download Test 1

MCQ. The general form of algebraic function x5 multiply x¹ have solved form as

  1. x4
  2. 2x4
  3. x6
  4. 2x6


MCQ. The formula to calculate compound interest is

  1. P = S(1+i)s
  2. P = S(1+i)p
  3. S = P(1+i)n
  4. S = P(1+i)p


MCQ. In logarithm, the property of logb is equal to

  1. zero
  2. one
  3. minus one
  4. two


MCQ. In the exponential function class ƒ(x) = bx where 0 < b < 1, the greater rate of decrease in x is dependant on

  1. smaller magnitude of base y
  2. smaller magnitude of base x
  3. smaller magnitude of base a
  4. smaller magnitude of base b


MCQ. The algebraic property implies on (ab)0 and by solving it becomes

  1. ab¹
  2. 2
  3. 1
  4. 0