Inverse of a Matrix MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Practice inverse of a matrix MCQs, mathematics MCQ test for online learning. Matrix algebra quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), inverse of a matrix quiz questions and answers to practice as system of equation in form of ax = b is solved for solution set as, answer key help with choices as a-1ax = a-1b, b-1ax = a-1b, ab-1ax = ab-1x and x-1ab = a-1bx problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is for online learning inverse of a matrix quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers. Inverse of a Matrix Video

MCQs on Inverse of a Matrix Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. The system of equation in the form of AX = B is solved for solution set as

  1. A-1AX = A-1B
  2. B-1AX = A-1B
  3. AB-1AX = AB-1X
  4. X-1AB = A-1BX


MCQ. In the systems of equation, the equations are linearly dependent if

  1. A-2 must exists
  2. A-1 does not exist
  3. A-3 does not exist
  4. A-4 must exist


MCQ. In adjacency matrix, each node has one row and

  1. one column
  2. two columns
  3. three columns
  4. four columns


MCQ. In Gaussian reduction procedure, the matrix A is augmented with an identity (mxm) as

  1. (A | I)
  2. (B | N)
  3. (B | I)
  4. (I | B)


MCQ. The relationships of nodes are to be summarized in a matrix which is classified as

  1. unequal matrix
  2. equal matrix
  3. adjacency matrix
  4. adjacent matrix