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Simple Harmonic Motion Gravitation Quiz Questions 46 Tests pdf Download

Practice a level physics MCQ test 46 to learn simple harmonic motion gravitation quiz online. Download physics quiz questions and answers to learn mechanics and properties of matter. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on simple harmonic motion gravitation, resonance in physics, angle measurement in radians, radioactive substances, wave energy worksheets.

Free A level physics worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as speed ‘v’ with which wave travels through a medium is given by, answer key with choices as modulus of elasticitydensity of the medium, modulus of elasticity√density of the medium, √(modulus of elasticitydensity of the medium) and v=dt to practice theory test for college, university academic degree exams and interview preparartion. For e-learning, study online mechanics and properties of matter multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Simple Harmonic Motion Gravitation: Worksheets 46 Quiz pdf Download

Simple Harmonic Motion Gravitation Quiz

MCQ. Speed ‘v’ with which wave travels through a medium is given by

  1. modulus of elasticitydensity of medium
  2. modulus of elasticity√density of medium
  3. √(modulus of elasticitydensity of medium)
  4. v=dt


Resonance in Physics Quiz

MCQ. As amplitude of resonant vibrations decreases, degree of damping

  1. increases
  2. remains same
  3. decreases
  4. varies


Angle Measurement in Radians Quiz

MCQ. If an object moves a circular distance ‘s’ of radius ‘r’, then it's angular displacement is

  1. sr
  2. rs
  3. rs
  4. r2s


Radioactive Substances Quiz

MCQ. Radiations emitted by radioactive substances is

  1. alpha
  2. beta
  3. gamma
  4. all of above


Wave Energy Quiz

MCQ. Particles vibrate about their mean positions and transfer

  1. frequency
  2. wavelength
  3. energy
  4. power

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