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Gravitational Field Strength Quiz Questions and Answers Online 120 pdf eBooks Download

Learn gravitational field strength quiz questions, online A level physics quiz 120 to practice. Free physics MCQs questions and answers to learn gravitational field strength MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on gravitational field strength, elasticity, capacitor use, hall effect, centripetal force worksheets.

Free gravitational field strength worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as each 1 kg mass experiences force of, answer key with choices as 7 n, 9.81 n, 20 n and 100 n problem solving to test study skills. For viva learning help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study online gravitational field multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Gravitational Field Strength Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 120

Gravitational Field Strength Quiz

MCQ. Each 1 kg mass experiences force of

  1. 7 N
  2. 9.81 N
  3. 20 N
  4. 100 N


Elasticity Quiz

MCQ. Isothermal bulk modulus is equal to

  1. Υ × P; where Υ: ratio of specific heat capacities of gas, P: pressure
  2. Pressure
  3. The ratio of specific heat capacities of gas
  4. Υ ⁄ P; where Υ: ratio of specific heat capacities of gas, P: pressure


Capacitor Use Quiz

MCQ. Capacitor is fully charged if potential difference is equal to

  1. e.m.f
  2. current
  3. resistance
  4. power


Hall Effect Quiz

MCQ. In Hall effect, voltage across probe is known as

  1. hall voltage
  2. e.m.f
  3. potential difference
  4. hall potential


Centripetal Force Quiz

MCQ. Centripetal force is directed towards the

  1. tangent to circle
  2. center
  3. normal to circle
  4. parallel to circle