Gravitational Field Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf Download

Practice A level physics test 1 with MCQ on gravitational field representation online for learning. Practice gravitational field multiple choice questions (MCQ) on gravitational field representation, gravitational field strength,. Free study guide has answering options difference of masses, sum of masses, distance between masses and product of masses of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as force acting on two point masses is directly proportional to to test learning skills. Study to learn gravitational field representation quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Gravitational Field - Test 1

MCQ. Force acting on two point masses is directly proportional to

  1. sum of masses.
  2. difference of masses.
  3. distance between masses.
  4. product of masses.


MCQ. Mass of earth when it's radius is 6400 km and gravitational field strength is 9.81 N kg-1 is

  1. 6.0 x 1024 kg.
  2. 5 x 1023 kg.
  3. 40 x 109 kg.
  4. 9 x 1024 kg.


MCQ. On scale of building, gravitational field is

  1. increasing.
  2. decreasing.
  3. uniform.
  4. varying.


MCQ. Decrease in field strength on top of Mount Everest is

  1. 10%.
  2. 5%.
  3. 1%.
  4. 0.3%.


MCQ. Work done on an object to bring it to certain point in space is called

  1. gravitational potential energy.
  2. potential energy.
  3. kinetic energy.
  4. mechanical energy.

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