Magnetic Flux and Density MCQs Quiz Online pdf eBooks Download

Learn magnetic flux and density MCQs, online A level physics MCQ for test prep. Electromagnetism and magnetic field quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), magnetic flux and density quiz questions and answers as strength of magnetic field is known as, answer key help with choices as flux, density, magnetic strength and magnetic flux density problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is to practice magnetic flux and density quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Magnetic Flux and Density Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Strength of magnetic field is known as

  1. flux
  2. density
  3. magnetic strength
  4. magnetic flux density


MCQ. F = BIL can only be used if magnetic field and electric current are

  1. at right angles to each other
  2. in same direction
  3. anti-parallel to each other
  4. anti-perpendicular to each other


MCQ. 1 Tesla is equal to

  1. 50 N A-1 m-1
  2. 100 N A-1 m-1
  3. 1 N A-1 m-1
  4. 1000 N A-1 m-1


MCQ. Flux density is defined by

  1. FIL
  2. F⁄(IL)
  3. IL
  4. I⁄FL


MCQ. If Earth's magnetic field lines pass through Hall probe in opposite direction, then change in reading of voltmeter is

  1. thrice Earth's magnetic flux density
  2. four times Earth's magnetic flux density
  3. five times Earth's magnetic flux density
  4. twice Earth's magnetic flux density