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Diffraction Grating MCQs Quiz Online Tests pdf Download

Practice MCQs on diffraction grating, physics MCQs for online test prep. Superposition of waves quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), diffraction grating quiz questions and answers as splitting of white light in to constituent colors is called, answer key with choices as diffraction, refraction, reflection and dispersion for competitive exam prep. Free study guide is to learn diffraction grating quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Diffraction Grating Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Splitting of white light in to constituent colors is called

  1. diffraction
  2. refraction
  3. reflection
  4. dispersion


MCQ. Grating element is equal to

  1. sinθ
  2. sinθ
  3. cosθ


MCQ. With diffraction grating, angles are

  1. small
  2. greater
  3. zero
  4. close to zero


MCQ. Fringes are referred to as

  1. minima
  2. maxima
  3. nodes
  4. normal points


MCQ. Wavelength of a incident light when it is incident normally on a diffraction grating having 3000 lines per centimeter angular separation is 10° is

  1. 500 nm
  2. 650 mn
  3. 580 nm
  4. 600 nm


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