Addition Reactions of Alkenes Quiz Questions 68 Tests pdf Download

Practice A level chemistry MCQ test 68 to learn addition reactions of alkenes quiz online. Free chemistry quiz questions and answers to learn hydrocarbons. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on addition reactions of alkenes, oxides of period 3 elements, sigma bonds and pi bonds, oxides and hydroxides of period 3 elements, metallic character of group iv elements worksheets.

Free A level chemistry worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as a long chain made up of small repeating units is a, answer key with choices as polymer, isomer, isotope and allotrope to test study skills. For e-learning, study online hydrocarbons multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Addition Reactions of Alkenes: Worksheets 68 Quiz pdf Download

Addition Reactions of Alkenes Quiz

MCQ. A long chain made up of small repeating units is a

  1. polymer
  2. isomer
  3. isotope
  4. allotrope


Oxides of Period 3 Elements Quiz

MCQ. Silicon dioxide reacts with acid to form

  1. water
  2. salt
  3. both A and B
  4. oxygen


Sigma bonds and Pi bonds Quiz

MCQ. A sigma bond (σ-bond) is formed when

  1. p-orbital overlaps with another p-orbital
  2. when s-orbital overlaps with another s-orbital
  3. when a p-orbital overlaps with a modified p-orbital
  4. when f-orbital overlaps d-orbital


Oxides and Hydroxides of Period 3 Elements Quiz

MCQ. Acidic molecules formed by non-metals of Period 3, act as

  1. acids
  2. bases
  3. alkali
  4. oxide


Metallic Character of Group IV Elements Quiz

MCQ. Element Germanium in Group IV is a

  1. metal
  2. non-metal
  3. metalloid
  4. transition metal

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