Ionic Bonds & Covalent Bonds Quiz Questions 57 PDF Download

Practice ionic bonds & covalent bonds quiz online, online A level chemistry test 57 for online courses, distance learning. Free chemistry MCQs questions and answers to learn ionic bonds & covalent bonds MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on ionic bonds and covalent bonds, aldehydes and ketone testing, covalent bonding, introduction to chemistry, ionic bonding worksheets.

Free ionic bonds & covalent bonds course worksheet has multiple choice quiz questions as complete transfer of one or more electrons from one atom to different atom forms with options ionic bonds, covalent bonds, metallic bonding and co-ordinate bonding with problems solving answer key to test study skills for online e-learning, viva help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study chemical bonding multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Ionic Bonds & Covalent Bonds Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 57

Ionic Bonds and Covalent Bonds Quiz

MCQ. Complete transfer of one or more electrons from one atom to different atom forms

  1. ionic bonds
  2. covalent bonds
  3. metallic bonding
  4. co-ordinate bonding


Aldehydes and Ketone Testing Quiz

MCQ. The chemical reaction between carbonyl compounds and DNPH is example of

  1. condensation reaction
  2. substitution reaction
  3. addition reaction
  4. elimination reaction


Covalent Bonding Quiz

MCQ. A covalently bond molecule's shape and bond angles rely on

  1. number of pair of electrons
  2. number of lone pair
  3. number of proton pairs
  4. both A and B


Introduction to Chemistry Quiz

MCQ. ATP is synthesized in

  1. Cytoplasm
  2. Ribosome's
  3. Mitochondria
  4. Nucleus


Ionic Bonding Quiz

MCQ. Metal atoms usually lose electrons and form

  1. positive ions
  2. negative ions
  3. new atoms
  4. radioactive ions