Reactions of Group II Elements Quiz Questions 320 Tests pdf Download

Practice A level chemistry MCQ test 320 to learn reactions of group ii elements quiz online. Free chemistry quiz questions and answers to learn groups ii and vii. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on reactions of group ii elements, nucleophilic substitution reactions, polyesters, sigma bonds and pi bonds, ligands and complex formation worksheets.

Free A level chemistry worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as group-ii elements are metals which form, answer key with choices as ionic compounds, covalent compounds, metallic compounds and dative compounds to test study skills. For e-learning, study online groups ii and vii multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Reactions of Group II Elements: Worksheets 320 Quiz pdf Download

Reactions of Group II Elements Quiz

MCQ. Group-II elements are metals which form

  1. ionic compounds
  2. covalent compounds
  3. metallic compounds
  4. dative compounds


Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions Quiz

MCQ. Haloalkanes react with water in silver nitrate solution to give off

  1. alcohol
  2. yeast
  3. ester
  4. ketone


Polyesters Quiz

MCQ. First non-crease fabrics were made by help of

  1. Terylene
  2. nylon
  3. caprolactum
  4. all of them


Sigma bonds and Pi bonds Quiz

MCQ. In ethane (C2H4), π-bond is formed between

  1. C-C atoms
  2. C-H atoms
  3. H-H atoms
  4. no π-bond is formed.


Ligands and Complex Formation Quiz

MCQ. Five d-orbitals having same energy level in an isolated transition metal atom is described as

  1. degenerate
  2. spectator
  3. non-degenerate
  4. all of them

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