Solid State Quiz Questions 294 Tests pdf Download

Practice A level chemistry MCQ test 294 to learn solid state quiz online. Download chemistry quiz questions and answers to learn states of matter. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on solid state, stereoisomerism, oxidation numbers, physical properties periodicity, measuring standard electrode potential worksheets.

Free A level chemistry worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as carbon atoms are arranged in planar layers in, answer key with choices as tin, graphite, diamond and mercury to test study skills. For e-learning, study online states of matter multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Solid State: Worksheets 294 Quiz pdf Download

Solid State Quiz

MCQ. Carbon atoms are arranged in planar layers in

  1. tin
  2. graphite
  3. diamond
  4. mercury


Stereoisomerism Quiz

MCQ. Enantiomers is termed given to

  1. optical isomers
  2. chain isomer
  3. functional isomer
  4. structural isomer


Oxidation Numbers Quiz

MCQ. Element that has oxidation number greater than +4 is

  1. Si
  2. Mg
  3. S
  4. Na


Physical Properties Periodicity Quiz

MCQ. Across period, nuclear charge

  1. increase
  2. decreases
  3. constant
  4. same


Measuring Standard Electrode Potential Quiz

MCQ. Half cells contain two ions of same element with different

  1. atomic mass
  2. oxidation state
  3. nucleon number
  4. electronic configuration

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