Polymer Deductions MCQs Quiz Online Tests pdf Download

Practice polymer deductions MCQs, chemistry (MCQ) for online test prep. Polymerization quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), polymer deductions quiz question and answers as in addition of polymers functional groups may be present at/with the, answer key with choices as end, terminal, side-chain and all of them for competitive exam prep. Free study guide is to learn polymer deductions quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Polymer Deductions Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. In addition of polymers functional groups may be present at/with the

  1. end
  2. terminal
  3. side-chain
  4. all of them


MCQ. Additional polymerization will have monomers with no repeating functional units in actual chain which forms

  1. backbone
  2. products
  3. opposite groups
  4. reactants


MCQ. Large molecules made up of small monomers are called

  1. peptides
  2. polymers
  3. peptones
  4. monomers


MCQ. In additional polymerization, a monomer with double bond will simply

  1. turn into single bond
  2. remain same
  3. break
  4. get rotated


MCQ. Using more than one type of unsaturated monomer will produce a

  1. co-polymer
  2. polyamides
  3. polyesters
  4. polytone