Active Transport Quiz Questions 42 Tests pdf Download

Practice A level biology MCQ test 42 to learn active transport quiz online. Download biology quiz on cell membranes and transport. Attempt MCQs to test knowledge on active transport, auxin, gibberellins and abscisic acid, energy for ultrafilteration, ultrafilteration and water potential worksheets.

Free A level biology worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as functions which are performed by cell surface membrane do not include, answer key with choices as exchange of nutrients, exchange of waste materials, enable mitosis and receive hormone messages to practice theory test for college, university academic degree exams and interview preparartion. For e-learning, study online cell membranes and transport multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Active Transport: Worksheets 42 Quiz pdf Download

Active Transport Quiz

MCQ. Functions which are performed by cell surface membrane do not include

  1. Exchange of nutrients
  2. Exchange of waste materials
  3. Enable Mitosis
  4. Receive hormone messages


Auxin, Gibberellins and Abscisic Acid Quiz

MCQ. Food reserves in aleuronic layer are converted to carbohydrates for seed growth. What's second thing aleuronic gets converted into?

  1. amylase
  2. starch
  3. maltose
  4. glucose


Energy for Ultrafilteration Quiz

MCQ. Location of Basal membranes are

  1. nearest to blood
  2. furthest from lumen
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of above


Ultrafilteration and Water Potential Quiz

MCQ. Due to difference in solute concentration, water potential

  1. in blood capillaries is higher than filtrate in Bowman's capsule
  2. in blood capillaries is lower than filtrate in Bowman's capsule
  3. both are valid options
  4. both are invalid options


Active Transport Quiz

MCQ. Energy for active transport is provided through

  1. radiant source
  2. chemical energy
  3. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
  4. cell surface membranes

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