Mammalian Transport System Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 Tests pdf Download

Practice mammalian transport system multiple choice questions (MCQs), A level biology test 1 online to learn. Practice a level biology MCQs questions and answers on a level biology, gcse a levels biology, biology questions answers, cardiovascular system, arteries and veins with answers. Free mammalian transport system quiz, online study guide has answer key with choices as tunica externa, tunica intima, tunica media and all are of same thickness of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as thickest part in three layers of arteries, is to test learning skills for viva exam prep, interview questions. Study to learn a level biology quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Mammalian Transport System Quiz pdf Download Test 1

MCQ. Thickest part in three layers of arteries, is

  1. Tunica intima
  2. Tunica externa
  3. Tunica media
  4. all are of same thickness


MCQ. All arteries carry blood away from heart, except

  1. Pulmonary artery
  2. Pulmonary vein
  3. Aorta
  4. capillaries


MCQ. Pulmonary circulation does not involve

  1. Vena cava
  2. Pulmonary arteries
  3. Pulmonary veins
  4. Either of these


MCQ. Connection between left ventricle and left atrium is

  1. Tricuspid valve
  2. Bicuspid valve
  3. Aorta
  4. Vena cava


MCQ. Fewer elastic fibres are found in

  1. Tunica media near heart
  2. Tunica media away from heart
  3. Arteries
  4. Veins